Jul 4, 2008

Rivero's Indepence Day

How appropriate that I turn over Graphic Apparatus over to Adrian completely on the Fourth of July. He's now finally free of a blog contributor who rarely posts and who rarely says anything more than "This was drawn in pencil. Please tell me you like it because my ego needs the boost." So why are we parting ways on this blog when we were pretty much changing the art world with every post here? Turns out it's nothing that exciting. It boils down to me being unable to post on two blogs regularly. So keep reading all of Adrian's interesting life moments here, and you can always go over to mine if you are so inclined. It really has nothing to do with that garbage can that Adrian threw at my car's windshield during an argument last Tuesday. Just ask him.

More 4th of July news: My whole family didn't get to celebrate together today, but my nephew and oldest brother did come over while I was working on
this design for Threadless T-Shirts. After working a little more in Photoshop, it was time to throw the Nerf football around in the backyard, play some Wii boxing which is extremely tiring, and eat some dinner. No need to get into much else over the day's less than patriotic activities.

So that's that.

Remember to check out Adrian's design here, and the one I just put up a few minutes ago here. Thanks for checking out our work.