Sep 28, 2006

Hellblazer Painting Part 2

Here is the finished version. I posted the 98% done one but then I edited the post so now here we are.
I totally regret that this scan doesn't at all show how three dimensional it looks in reality. Because I painted the smoke on top of paint(as opposed to everywhere else where you can see the paper through the paint) the smoke and skulls look raised off the page. But on the scan that isn't happening at all. I guess I'll learn how to make that come across as I become a better artist. Maybe if I drew wearing turtlenecks I'd already be able to pull this stuff off.

Sep 26, 2006

At the Con-Final?

Here's the next version, inked on vellum, and then digitally colored in Photoshop.
Adrian, if you have something to post today, go for it. I just wanted to put this up before I chickened out.
*click for larger image

Sep 22, 2006

At the Con

Adrian and I did this panel about our comics, and people actually came to listen. Being on that side of the table was definitely a scary and exciting experience that can only be summed up in comic panels/spot illustrations. The Riv can probably articulate his thoughts on the whole day better than I can, so keep on eye on this blog for that.
We'd like to thank all those who came and showed their support for comics they probably had never read or seen. We'll do our best to keep the books on time. With a combined 47 issues completed, we promise there are more to come.
Will lower that first word balloon...and work on the likenesses...

8:26am: You're right, Amiable... I should've posted the thumbnail. Here it is. Prelim wins again. Damn it.

Sep 21, 2006

More War Machine

And of course it's no longer called The War Machine. I knew that would happen so it's no big deal. But it's still codenamed that until I come up with the real name or something better. This is a rough idea for a webcomic cover. You'd have to scroll down to see it all. I drank tonight. Advise against that. Waste of time. So this has rough sketches of some main characters. And it's just a taste. We'll see.

Sep 18, 2006

Nightwing Roughs

This drawing is about 2 x 3 inches. My brother's a big Nightwing fan, so that and seeing Adrian's commission work is what got me going on this. I'll draw it full size on 14" x 17" smooth bristol board next and then ink it. The quick digital coloring is probably unnecessary, but I might want to paint this after doing a b&w version.

Sep 15, 2006

Hellblazer Painting Part 1

So this is the rough sketches for a possible Hellblazer painting I was commissioned to do. The first pic shows the first three really rough sketches. The second pic shows the loose final pencil drawing(darkened a lot). I painted over that after I got approval to start. The roughs were the ideas, but it wasn't working. Plus I had a gut instinct that the client was looking for a more closeup and personal image. All my roughs were either far away or ugly(as roughs can be a lot of the times). My favorite is the worm's eye view where he looks down on us. I think the artist Jock did a similar cover to his comic the Losers(which I'm sure is much cooler). But even though I liked it I felt it was too impersonal. That is why I ended up with the close up. By the way that last rough was extremely underdrawn so the next day as I waited for my landlord to come over and fix the sprinklers I had been up almost 24 hours and was hating life. I decided to draw but was too braindead to come up with anything, so I just drew over an already pitiful drawing. Uninspired over uninspired does not equel inspired.

Sep 12, 2006

Four Pen Sketches

Done in a Moleskin sketchbook. This was after a night of drawing with the guys where I sat and didn't do much other than eat and drink. When I got home, I decided just to put pen to paper without worrying too much and just wanted to see what I could come up with. Some of it was inspired by what people were wearing at the cafe, and the rest of it is just what came about at 2am... What's up with the guy with glasses? I don't know either. As usual, click on the image to enlarge.

Sep 8, 2006

Tooth And Nail 666

This is my favorite sketch I did for my own comic Tooth And

Nail. It involoves Samurai. The rest is secret.
Anyway I felt this sketch was the one that really caught the mood that I'm looking for.
Sometime you need that one picture to set you straight. Well this is it for me.
I drew this sketch on 6/6/06. Yeah.
P.S.:"Why is he so difficult?", I thought Chris was talking about me. I needed to think on it for a bit there.

Sep 5, 2006

Why is he so difficult?

I've always had problems drawing the Hulk. This was done in my sketchbook with acrylics and then final touches were added in Photoshop CS. I'm glad I scanned it in because the original was slightly damaged soon after it left the scanner thanks to closing the sketchbook before a new layer had completely dried. I'm going to post something else later tonight because I don't plan on just putting head sketches on this blog.

Hulk © Marvel Comics

Update: 9:38pm: Here's a comic book cover full of anger. That giant will obliterate that city, and no one can stop him. The lettering will of course be re-worked in the final and have more "punch." There's also the challenge of drawing animals in the bonus feature titled "wolverine vs black panther."


War Machine

These are some development sketches for a story I'm writing right now. It involves superheroes and war. It's all copywritten so I'll get you if you're looking to steal(I'm looking at you Paul*).

These are the first ones I did so they are a little rough. The anatomy and all that is crazy and the costumes will most likely change. The guy on the left is the second to main character. The other sketches are of him now and him in the 70's. He's about 60 give or take a few years. I have more but their looks are not defined. The guy on the right is a side character who is obviously based on a popular psychopath.

Adrian Rivero

*That's irony, folks.

Sep 1, 2006

Head Sketches

Adrian put up some nice sequential work, but I'm going to post these Photoshop CS sketches to make the deadline. I remembered Dave Johnson putting white around figures, so that's where the old man's glow is coming from.