Jan 29, 2007

Blood Meridian

Need to start posting more. Been doing a bunch of artwork all at once and finishing nothing. Hopefully by next log I'll have a bunch of stuff finished. This is for a comic blog I wanted to do about the book Blood Meridian. But I suck at acrylic paint and it takes me forever so I only have two panels done out of something like six(Color panels at least).

Jan 24, 2007

Another One Page *@!%*!!$#

I noticed that some comic book artists are doing this thing called The Daily Grind. Doing comic stories every single day must be really difficult. If I took on that challenge, you'd see me posting a lot more stories like the one to the left to meet deadlines.
Would it help if I drew a scarier or even a sillier looking monster?
I'm not sure anything could help me with comics at this point.

The smell of that Sharpie is going to stick with me for another couple of hours for sure. Do they make low odor ones? It's like I can taste the marker...
"She talked a lot, but I noticed something outside." That is one of the worst sentences I've ever written.


Jan 22, 2007

Another Story [that I should finish]

I've taken this post and expanded on the idea. I like that this guy gets covered in whatever the stuff is. He'll never been seen again. Each page is a 2" x 3" thumbnail. The last panel on page three will be a wider shot, so that's why it breaks the border of the thumbnail. I feel like I should write a little more because there's all this empty space... there... that's enough. Oh, and I like this stretchy template because our images can be bigger and the layout looks nicer.


Jan 21, 2007

3 stages of a page

Here is a crappy scan of one of my newest pages. Sorry, I tried to make it look better but the unsightly joins of the two scans I put together messed up the whole thing. Anyway, I basically have a better method now. I draw the whole page really messy like on a throw away sheet and then lightbox it in tighter pencils onto good paper. Then I ink it and put the ruler lines.

I still need to fix up the scan on photoshop. Oh well.


Jan 18, 2007

Sketching in the Park

Here are a couple of sketches from some time in 2004 that were done in two different parks in Tokyo. I think the first one was in the downtown area because I do remember getting off the Metro and crossing the street. Was it called Hibiya Park? Is there such a thing?

The second one was one on the Tozai Line during cherry blossom season. This was drawn at a cafe that served good matcha (thick Japanese green tea made from powder).
I didn't do enough drawing in Japan, and I lost a bunch of photos on a hard drive that crashed last year. I'll take more photos and do a lot more sketching the next time I'm there.

Jan 16, 2007

Tablet Practice 1

This is a sketch I did from some clothes catalogue. I plan on coloring it in photoshop. I think I may add a background, but maybe not. Anyway, this is just the preliminary drawing. I just bought a drawing tablet and want to become proficient at it so I'm starting with coloring my drawings and will eventually work my way up to actually drawing from scratch straight on the tablet. Right now my drawings look pitiful, but it is me not the tablet. The tablet has to be a major milestone in computer creations. One of the greatest things I ever bought, but I'm awful at it right now. It is a whole new part of my brain it takes up. And at the same time I'm learning Final Cut so I can edit my movie. Two weeks ago I had to do a crash course in Illustrator. My brain is overloading.

Jan 14, 2007

My First Comic Story

of 2007. Here are the thumbnails done in blank pages of an old sketchbook. Sorry I didn't post anything sooner, Adrian.

Jan 9, 2007

The Scourge Of Crime

This was once supposed to be my magnum opus into alternative Marvel comics. It was called The Scourge Of Crime. It was about a bunch of disparate people who were linked by death. All in the superhero universe of Marvel. It started with the character called Scourge killing yet more villians. Then it chonicled the sad life of a hobbit looking fellow named Lance Modok. The first page here shows him waking up in a dingy apartment, getting divorce papers, and prepariing for work at Big Lots. The second page shows his teenage manager, his archenemy another guy named Lance who gets all the new girls. It says in the last panel "At lunch he takes the new girl to the parking lot to ball. His windows are tinted but who does he think he's fooling." Later parts include the return of Basilisk as his brother takes on the mantle to hunt down Scourge(who killed the original Basilisk, and Basilisk in turn killed Modok, who didn't really die and is walking around as an amnesiac who only knows they call him Modok. But he likes to call himself Lance).

I made this up when Marvel had a line called Epic which was for newbies like me. This was in the summer of '03. They dumped it before I could make a proposal. Oh well. I wanted to do a Dan Clowes take on Marvel. These were the rough layouts for the pages. I found them in an old sketchbookm and started laughing. I thought it was an actual book and then I opened it to find these which I had completely forgot about.

Jan 6, 2007

Sketches from SF

I went to San Francisco today and brought along a small Moleskin that I got during a gift exchange. Here are some drawings from today done in pen.

Jan 5, 2007

Unfinished Pages

These are parts of two of the current pages I'm working on. The first pic shows what a page in progress looks likes. The right half is fully inked in my new style. The left half is half inked with tape to protect the gutters from my brushwork.

The second page is my example of an homage to an artist I love. I drew it in the style of Charles Burns. This made me realize that I had only reverted to my old style of inking which was itself a rip off of Charles Burns(as opposed to my current style which is trying to do Mark Schutze, Joseph Clement Coll, and Paul Calle[although that's a stretch]). I'm putting up these pages on Artdump pretty soon.


Jan 3, 2007

The Shadow Sketches

Here is something from my sketchbook; Adrian got me to draw him for something that he'll probably write about in his next post or sometime soon. We were talking about working with interesting shapes, negative space, and silohuettes which I completely forgot about when making this image. Next time... always next time...
I should've posted on the 1st to start us off right. I'll make it up somehow.