Dec 31, 2006

I Hate Blogs 2

I drew this in about 2 hours at work one night. My last post of the year.

Dec 23, 2006


I drew this in like thirty minutes. I made up the first line and watched where it went. Didn't really have a plan. Just felt like drawing. It luckily worked out to one page instead of less than a page or more than.

Dec 19, 2006

Nottingham Lace B&W's

These are the scans of my uncolored storyboards. I made these to show my cinematographer what I intend in terms of lighting and camera placement. They will be painted eventually. I actually made three others but those haven't been inked yet because I made these at work and the other were too disturbing. This movie is sick. I may have gotten a producer for it today. We'll see.

Dec 17, 2006

House - colored version

Well, I just skimmed this tutorial about coloring in half-tones, and I tried it out on a drawing that I posted on my site's blog. I'll try this again with a better scan and a more careful approach. It kind of has the look of an old comic, but not quite. Some of the line work may have been affected by careless resizing.

Dec 16, 2006

Sports Sketch

A couple months ago I drew this out of some Tennis magazine(! worked part time in a country club). Then I colored it some random colors. A fun little experiment in dynamics and color.

Dec 15, 2006

No title today

Looked at some photo reference and did some marker drawings.
I have to find ways to improve on this crude computer coloring.


Dec 14, 2006

Sketchbook prelims for comic

This is some stuff I am working on for someone elses comic. The characters are all copyright them. I posted some sketches of some of these guys below. These are the changes I have done. I really work fast and loose so I had to reign it in and spend some time getting the proper look down. I feel bad posting this right after the seven heads in seven minutes because I took a long time on these. I actually considered doing the seven heads in seven minutes and found it too hard. I'm serious. I tried and had no inspiration. It's harder than it looks to time yourself and really do it in time. I tried it with the 24 hour comic day thing, and even though I did it, it was very challenging and physically and mentally exhausting.

Dec 13, 2006

Only a few minutes left in the day

Almost forgot to do something. Just like it says, 7 heads in 7 minutes. Ugh. They really were supposed to look better than this. I think we've done 10 days in a row!

Dec 12, 2006

Silver Spaceman 2

These are the pages in color. I'll post the black and whites later. The B and W's are much better. I colored them in twenty minutes each. I was under a tight deadline(I was only given the assignment like 24 hours earlier[including the cover]). Chris pencilled the first page. I added shadows and rendering in the ink stage. I also changed the brow on the bad guy to make him look meaner. But basically it's Chris's structure with my finish. Except the last panel, which is obviously rushed because I decided to redraw it. Sometimes you just shouldn't redraw.

Dec 11, 2006

No title today

Just thought it would be good to practice different body types. I figure the mom and kid had to be standing around for a reason, so I drew a background.

Here's another one since I'm posting it before midnight.


Dec 10, 2006

Silver Spaceman

Here is a cover I did on Friday night for my friend Paul's movie. I also had to do two more pages(Chris did pencils on the first page, and his are so much softer and delicate than my caveman scratch. The inking was fun to do on someone elses pencil's). I finished it all within 24 hours. Then I had to color them. It was a marathon. Anyway, not my best work but pretty good for the time I had to spend on it. The coloring is shit, there's no way around it, but I had only 20 minutes so thats what you get. Paul gave it the title and writing stuff.
I'll post the pages that Chris helped me pencil on the next post. They were also colored and lettered.

Dec 9, 2006

Not as bad

A couple of people who are having a much more painful Saturday than most of us. I was going to complain about how little I've drawn lately, but I won't. Meeting up with Riv helped get me motivated because he showed me the cool character designs below and the pages he's been working on. He also penciled a page in about an hour while I could barely keep up. I've got to learn how to do away with sleep...


Dec 8, 2006

Movie Comic

I'm drawing a fake cover and two pages for my friend Paul's movie. It's about a superhero. His favorite comic is Silver Spaceman. The arch enemy is the Blackhole Bountyhunter. I didn't have time to draw the cover and scan it tonight so I'm putting up the sketches for what they will look like. These are rough. The anatomy is off and proportions need to be fixed but this was just to get their look. Obviously inspired by a certain Jack Kirby character and design sense.

Dec 7, 2006

Brock Sketch

Since Adrian drew characters from his favorite show, I thought I'd do a super quick sketch of agent Samson from The Venture Bros (created by Jackson Publick--real name?) before the day was over.


Dec 6, 2006

The Wire Sketches 1

My favorite drama, even more than Sopranos and at least tying if not beating Lost is the Wire. It is perfect. The most ornate plot and character heavy show ever. Written by a former police officer, a reporter, and several novel writers(one is the guy who wrote Mystic River). It has a huge cast. Most of them are black and totally underutilized in Hollywood, but they can hold ground with anyone. My favorite characters is the failed detective McNulty, Omar the gay gangster who steals from other gangsters in a Robin Hood like fashion, Stringer Bell the gang leader who wants to go straight, Bubbles the really cool and nice homeless guy who can't kick drugs, and Prezbuluski(sp?) the failed cop who becomes an inner city school teacher. This first batch of sketches are the ones that worked. I would have put more but the second batch so far is kind of weird third string characters. I did sketches of Marlo, McNulty, and D'Angelo but they sucked so bad I need to redo them. Strangely enough my version of Proposition Joe may be the best one I've done so far(because he is one of the smallest characters[but not in girth]).

Dec 4, 2006

Sketchbook Stuff

The girl sketch I did at a coffee shop with Chris. I was copying a pose from Vanity Fair or something. It looks nothing like the girl(not going to say who it is because she's so famous it makes my version look really bad, but I wasn't going for likeness).
The other ones are from a comic I am working on. The characters are copyright their creators.
These are all from my sketch book.

Dec 1, 2006

This is just ridiculous

Here's one of the worst drawings in the history of Wacom tablets + Photoshop. I haven't drawn much recently. This is like some 10 year old's first day in front of a computer.