Jul 31, 2007

Batman pages inked

I added some new pencils to this page since it is linked to comic book idol. The Batman pages are from July. These new pencils are from mid september. Finally got my scanner working again. Here are the Batman submission pages I was trying to show in San Diego. I promised myself I wasn't going to end this the same way I always end my posts by saying whatever. Here is a link to the pencils:



Jul 30, 2007

Mini-comic finished and handed out to a few

It was really exciting to get this done, and even more satisfying to give it to the likes of Jaime Hernandez, Gary Groth, and others while attending San Diego Comic-Con 2007. I haven't received any emails yet, but hopefully someone will give me some input. It's only eight pages of really short stories that I finished in about a week. Actually, two of the pages were finished a few months ago, so it was only the last six that needed to be cranked out and ready for Kinko's before we left for SD last Wednesday.


Jul 24, 2007

Batman Pencils

Here are my pencils for my batman submission. I didn't bother to fill it all out since my inks are so much better anyway. I'll post those once i get my scanner working. I better get a real comic job from all this. Whatever.


Jul 21, 2007

Mini-comic on the way

I'm on page seven of eight for my first mini-comic that I'll bring to San Diego Comic-Con this Wed-Sunday. I'm pretty excited just because I've talked about making comics since high school and I've never actually sat down to do enough work to self-publish something. I like the freedom of doing my own stuff without worrying about an editor or collaborator telling me how much my inking sucks or how crappy my anatomy is. Word balloons not perfect? Who cares? Style inconsistent? Not a problem. When this is done, I can say that it's what I can do in the medium at the moment; people can take it as it is. This isn't saying that your comments or critiques aren't wanted, but I'm not trying to get a job with a major publisher with this work, necessarily.

Eight pages aren't a lot, but it means a lot to me because so many sketches and thumbnails have gone nowhere for me over the years. Well, that's it except for a short explanation for the above one-page short. It's a redo of something I did back in 1996 or 1997 where a bratty kid learns a hard lesson at the hands of Captain America. Above, the "hero" has been changed to someone more generic because I don't want to piss off anyone at Marvel. It's a simple tale that you can tell your kids when there getting out of line.

Back to finishing this page and moving on to page eight. Pow!


Jul 18, 2007

Waiting for the last train

Adrian and I had to make a stop at Rockridge station and then had to wait for the last train to Walnut Creek. The train ended up being five minutes late, and there were no other people on the platform. This was done in my sketchbook in pen last Saturday.


Jul 17, 2007

For the bus ads and billboards in Vallejo?

These two water fowl check out our sketch blog regularly, so maybe you should listen to them. You can even leave comments and tell us how you like Adrian's drawings more than mine. I'm not hurt at all. This beer in my hand? Those five bottles on the floor? That doesn't mean I'm sobbing all night long. Nope.


Jul 16, 2007

101 POSTS!

Here are a couple from the trip into SF with Dr. Rivero. We started at Powell Street BART station and walked to Union Square, the Palace Hotel (to see the Parrish painting in the bar), and finally North Beach for some coffee.

Jul 15, 2007

Was this more than a week ago?

Now I know why Adrian signs and dates everything right after he starts a drawing. I think he's also signing every comic panel that he works on. This was done in acrylic ink.


Jul 6, 2007

New paintings

Been working on some stuff to put on my walls. Not sure if these make the cut and unfortunately they are my best paintings. What's the use. We all die anyway.