Apr 29, 2007


I noticed my ladies haven't been looking so hot lately. So I practiced drawing them. I also did some character sketches from my own comic(those are the ethereal ones and the rough ones). I've also been working on a three page submission and some mock ups for possible covers for Tooth And Nail. Plus I've been workinf full time doing the editing on my movie. Lots of work but it's all worth it and will pay off.

Apr 23, 2007

Pencil Sketches

Most obvious title I could think of.


Apr 22, 2007


This was my attempt at drawing something of some substance. I figured on drawing a tired soldier and depending on your ideas on the war(or wars) you can see it however you like. So it's meaning is up to you. It was really hard making this image have any kind of realism because of how complicated a real soldiers outfit is. But I liked how it turned out. Maybe I'll color it someday(but I think I've said that a few times already).

Apr 18, 2007

Cheap brushes and sketch paper

Blogger won't let me upload images right now. I'll try again later. I have two versions of one image to post. According to the status page, it should've been working as of 7:30pm, but it's already 7:50pm and no luck.
update: 10:15pm: The uploads still won't appear. Sigh.
update: 11:45pm: Clicked refresh and there they are.


Apr 16, 2007

Empire Strikes Back

So I made these sketches while watching The Empire Strikes Back on cable. As well as being the best directed and written movie in the series it has the best cinematography and lighting. Unlike everything they teach you to do the lighting is striking and doesn't hold your hand the whole way through(unlike the lighting in Episode 1 and 2). Some images taken by themselves would be indecipherable, but with the movement of film and familiarity of the characters and sets it all comes across. The light saber battle in that film is just gorgeous. And the scene where Luke leaves Dagoba and they don't show the X-wing lift into space they just show Yoda in the lights and smoke given off as he speaks to Obi Wan is just amazing. Anyway, I loosely penciled these(except for the close up on the helmet), and just tried to copy the extreme lighting of the scenes I was drawing. I should tighten these up and color them.

Apr 14, 2007

Landscape...in space!

Here's a gouache painting with a few touch ups in PS. I still want to work on something with sci-fi elements that I like such as city-size spaceships, laser guns, aliens, etc.
This one was fun because there wasn't a pencil stage. Just a brush making shapes and a little texture.


Apr 10, 2007

Tooth And Nail Practice Sketches

These are some of the many practice sketches I do to test what the characters look like and how to properly draw the action the script needs. Plus it is the practice I need to draw the unique clothes that Samurai's have. I actually have done dozens of test sketches and pages. It needs to be right before I start my proposal. I would of course redraw and then ink these if I liked them enough. The first one by the way was supposed to have a shadow from a tree on his face. That didn't work out.


Apr 4, 2007

Character Design I

Here's a character design that I sketched out and then lightboxed to get some cleaner pencils. I then dodged and burned the image in Photoshop to make the lines more readable.