Oct 27, 2006

Hiragana Illustrations

Doing alphabets is an easy way to get some illustrations done, and you can draw so many different things. I'm going to try doing illustrations for each hiragana character. Here's the prelim for a/あ.

Oct 24, 2006

Finished Commissions

Here, as promised, is the finished version of two of my commissions. as you can see some of my line weight has changed dramtically as well as my approach to the pieces. People have let a weeping cry when told as to the fate of the pieces. I proceeded to immolate them upon completion for no other reason than that I found myself in a peculiar form of melancholy that particular day. Of course, the preceeding was something of a ruse, as the truth is I did no such thing and, in fact, will be sending the pieces to their respective owners forthwith.
Sir Adrian

Oct 17, 2006

Oct 14, 2006

Commission Roughs

So this is what I've been working on lately(besides real jobs). A bunch of commissions. These roughs kind of suck because they are much lighter than what you see here. I had to darken everything and pice things together so this is what you get. I think it will be fun to see the difference between where I stop pencilling and where my inks actually end up. Some of these are going to be color and others will be inked.
All of these creations are copyright their various owners or creators.

Oct 10, 2006

Argh...didn't make it in time.

I was hoping to get this one page story posted before midnight, but I wasn't fast enough. I'm going to add some color to this and darken it.
Most of us have felt self-conscious about some stupid flaw. Poor girl...

1:24am: Here it is with some quick watercolors. This might end up in my anthology which remains untitled at this point. Of course, it would be redone in b&w on bristol board.

Oct 3, 2006

Test Drawing

I did this for a guy who wanted a certain look for his character. This creation is of course copyright him. I drew this first and then ripped the pose off for a Bloodrayne pose as a test for someone else. This one is better than the Bloodrayne sketch. I'll be putting up some other commission pictures this week.

Oct 1, 2006

Xmen sketch

I finally got a new sketchbook, and this is the first page. I'll finish inking it today. Discovered a couple of my old Winsor & Newton brushes can't hold points anymore. I should've taken better care of them, but at least they can be used for dry brush.
I was going to wait until tomorrow to post, but thought it would be good to start this month on the first.


Here's the finished sketch. Have to start leaving out excessive rendering from my inks. Sketchbooks generally have too much tooth on the paper, so my feathering and cross-hatching never come out that clean. Have to practice more washes and dry brush. Happiest with Storm's boots...