Nov 22, 2007

Eating Holiday

Don't overdo it like this guy and have some self-respect. Eating disorder...blah's in my genes...blahblah.blah blah blah...i'm trying...not my's the holidays...blah.blah...

Get outside and walk [a lot] if you're going to eat 2 pounds of turkey.

But my knees hurt...

Well, because you're fucking obese. At least try and do something about it, and don't eat half of that pie! Put it down.

I'm hungry, so Happy Thanksgiving.


Nov 20, 2007

Monster, Monster

Yet another sketch that I have to finish later thanks to work.
I started drawing this yesterday in my car before going into the "office." Actually, I only had the head and one arm done, so I had to work on it today.
Is Rivero doing okay after that one post? It sounded like he was recovering fine, but he might be carrying his flask around the house more often.
My brother also mentioned a new "Cloverfield" trailer online, so I checked it out before lunch today. Looks pretty cool. Monster overload? Just like the zombie thing?? I'd love to see some monster comics, and hopefully Paul Pope is working hard on Batting Boy which I think has monsters pitted against, yes, a boy.
I still need to work on all those characters Rivero asked me to draw... C'mon, Thanksgiving vacation days. Hurry up, and give me time to work on this stuff.


Nov 16, 2007

Sketch from a couple of months ago

I was digging through my closet, looking at what drawing paper was hiding inside when I found my big AquaBee sketchbook. I remember painting this not too long ago, and it may have been the time that Rivero and I were going to the 24H Starbucks that is no longer open 24 hours.

This was done in watercolor and maybe some gouache. Sometimes you see something on tv or in magazines, and it can help with character designs.

Some digital hatching was added a few minutes ago to bring out some of the form that wasn't quite finished with traditional media. It's still unfinished, but most of the stuff I put on this blog is admittedly. I'll try to complete some of these sketches tonight since I got out of work early.

Didn't realize that we had posted 17 times in August; it must have been all the energy we had before Comic-Con. I don't know why I have it in my head that we have to post a lot this month. It must be my guilt for making Rivero post so many times without me contributing anything.


Number 160

I looked at the Drawing Board Drawing Jam and worked on the latest thread like Rivero. Looks like we both picked the first picture, but I also want to work on the second pose. Working too slowly for the first pass I decided to put a tone over the whole drawing with graphite just so I could find some kind of focus in the drawing. In the end, I came to the realization that I need to go to some figure drawing classes again just to loosen up. Doing some gestures and just working bigger would feel much better than working in front of this computer screen with a drawing pad on my lap.

Here's a more finished version of the drawing, but I still wanted to do some work digitally to bring out certain parts, especially the background the parts of the face, hands, and feet.

No time right now...have to get ready for work.

I'll try to get Rivero to go to a figure drawing session somewhere here in the Bay Area, but getting him to wake up before noon might prove harder than watching a Michael Bay movie.

The title of this posts refers to this being our blog's 160th post. Looks like November will be our best month so far in terms posting more often.


update: Here's my last attempt at this one before I move on to other drawings tonight. I used some transfer paper to get the figure onto some bristol board with a little tooth, and then I tried to render it as cleanly as I could. It would be nice to get away from this kind of line quality...something with a little more life. Paul Pope is so great at creating these energetic drawings that make me remember why I like ink drawings and ones where the pencil creates something that can't be found in so many [comic] artists today.

Will have to post this one on the Drawing Board before I sleep.

Unfortunately, I have no stories to tell other than I got out of work early, decided to come home and draw, and... I'd better find a way to make a living out of doing this soon... sigh... I need to start working on storytelling and comics again.


Nov 13, 2007

More Iron Fist

I did this one in pencil a few times and ending up transferring pencils to some bristol even though I wasn't completely happy with the anatomy and the way I was rounding out the form. It was brought into Photoshop and will hopefully be transformed into a fully painted piece. I've run out of time because I have to leave for work soon.

I'll have to post this one and the previous Iron Fist sketch on the Drawing Board just because Rivero asked so politely the other day.

I really have to brush up on anatomy and foreshortening. There are still no backgrounds in this pin-up, and that sucks. Still putting stuff off like I was still in college, and that sucks even more.

I was supposed to make some time for American Gangster this weekend, too, but that didn't happen.


Iron Fist copyright Marvel Comics.

Nov 10, 2007

Cormac/Coens = Old Men

I saw No Country For Old Men last night. It may have been one of the best movies I have ever seen. Sometimes you just know. In the last few years when I saw a movie like City Of God or Old Boy I walked out knowing I had never seen anything like them. That these would go down in history. You know when you have experienced something truly new. One of the tensest movies I've ever seen. With perhaps the most realistic violence. Perfect sound. When someone shot at someone else it had this perfect distance, percussion, and eventual deep hit in either glass, wood, concrete, metal, or flesh. There was nothing clean and perfect about anything in the movie. I love the Coen brothers, but this is in my mind their best movie. Everything they had promised with Blood Simple and Millers Crossing comes to life here. Plus as a fan of Cormac McCarthy I was amazed that someone could adapt something of his to such a level of perfection. This was maybe the best adaptation of a book that I have ever read. I've noticed some reviewers totally missing the point of the movie(and book). It's about the meaningless of violence. Therefore meaningless violence occurs with no moral or outcome meant to satisfy. This is very important to understand. Dying happens. It has no meaning or worth. It's a nihilistic, existentialist point of view(something that was very prevalent in the other two more violent and dark books I have read by McCarthy). This isn't about making the viewer or reader happy about outcomes of conflicts. This is about real life and how unhappy and unfulfilling true violence is. I think the last scenes make this all too clear yet I have read people who either didn't listen or see the scenes in the context.

Everyone is great in this movie. Josh Brolin is perfect, I know that Tommy Lee Jones has been waiting to play this particular part for decades(he's optioned a book or two in the past by McCarthy and made his own movie that closely parallels this one). Woody Harelson is great and in his own film catalogue this serves as a sharp answer to Natural Born Killers. But it is Javier Bardem that is something else. Oscar worthy and any other year that Daniel Day Lewis didn't embody acting he would be the obvious choice for best actor.

This is a movie only an experienced film maker could make. You would have to have about ten or more movies under your belt to have this level of patience and the daring to basically piss off your audience(which this does). But if you listen it's all there. Everything you need to know. Or don't need to know. And that is what makes it a Cormac McCarthy story.

The last scene is devastating. And perfect like few others.

If you don't like films that don't explain things and have a philosophical bent more important than plotting, morals, and outcomes then really don't watch this. It is not an action movie. It is the antithesis of one.


Nov 8, 2007


Snake Eating It's Own Tail

I had one of those Joe Matt Peepshow moments today when I got an e-mail from a woman I mentioned liking a few times in these posts. We were e-mailing back and forth about stuff and finally she mentioned seeing the picture I painted of her(which I already knew she knew about) and reading the post attached to it where I go into detail about an embarrassing story about hitting on her. She said she was flattered and had no idea. She said she felt famous since people read this thing. I felt famous that someone I only kind of knew read about me liking her on a website. We don't get that many hits but it was a nice feeling never the less. (BTW, the Joe Matt reference is to this one issue where he wrote a similar thing to my story, later became friends with the woman and then she read the previous issue and it all went down the drain in a later issue... if any of that made any sense).

I like another right now(although I am not putting out my flame for you if you are reading this honey). I won't write about her. At least not until it goes all wrong(or the snowball chance in hell it goes right).

Drew this with White paint, Black ink, Colored Pencil on green paper. When I scanned it the color was way more real and brilliant. When I "copied it for the web" it deadened the color for some reason.

The How To Draw Noir book by Shawn Martinbrough is rad. Check it out.

I just woke up at 8pm and I don't feel Smarter Than A Fifth Grader or Jeff Foxworthy. So I'm changing the channel on this shit.

My cat is weaving between my legs and the chair legs like a shark being fed chum from a pier.


Nov 7, 2007

Ready To Pass Out

I can't live normal hours. I'm a fucking wimp. I've been nodding off since 8 fucking PM. What is that? I drew this at work(I'm filling in for a worker at my old job at a country club). I did a bunch of these so I am happy. Just not all there.

This was done in about an hour or less on cardboard paper with ink, white paint, and colored pencil.

I saw There WIll Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson and have a glowing review that will sound super mixed. But I loved it. Here it is as I wrote about it in an e-mail to Mendoza(who by the way insisted I post like five times today just because I have five drawings).

I went to see the premiere of There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson(Boogie Nights). It is an epic like what hasn't been done in several decades. It stars Daniel Day Lewis, and he is sure to at the very least be nominated for an academy award. The only thing is, it is not like a story you see in a movie. It is like an experiance. Basically what it was like to drill for oil in the turn of the century in the desert. Incredibly long and what would be boring to most people. It is more like a historical artifact. I found it fascinating and unpredictable. But slow and long(which to me isn't bad but seriously this movie will and maybe should turn off about 90% or more of an audience). I loved it, it was an achievement in film making and something you are only going to get like once a decade. It was cruel harsh and unforgiving like the subject matter. And I can't recommend it to anyone. IF you like history like so much you want to see what it is exactly like, even the unpleasant monotony of it, then watch this. If you are looking for a story, there is one, but it takes three hours, not two, and not even barely scratches the surface in the first hour.

That was what I wrote to Mendoza. Now you know how impersonal I am in real life and how I do not like human contact and will die alone. I need to sleep and it's only 9:12. I actually got up from bed to post this shit. I feel sick. Idiot. Whatever.


Nov 6, 2007

Another PS sketch

Here's one of those super hero sketches I mentioned in the last post. Maybe I'll repeat some of them until I'm satisfied with the results.

I'll get to more complete compositions as I draw more characters. It's been so long since I've worked on perspective and backgrounds and having the figures feel grounded in that space. Rivero had all those Hydra guys going crazy or getting punched in their faces. Maybe after I reread the first story arc of the new Iron First series I'll get a better sense of K'un-Lun and the other environments. Plus, it's just hard drawing backgrounds in the computer, so I'll have to go back to pencil and paper and just do the coloring in PS. Those other characters in the tournament looked pretty awesome, too.

Sometimes it feels like I'm just typing more stuff here to avoid empty space next to the images that we post. I could mention some eight-year-old in China running 2,000+ miles. I swear I read that somewhere and now I can't find the article. You're just going to have to believe me.


More than one post a day?

This is the first time I've drawn anything in a long time, so there was a decent layer of dust on the Wacom tablet. I'm not going to make any promises for more posts this month, but I'm going to try.

There was a lot of good imagery in I Am Legend which I borrowed from the library. Enjoyed most if not all of the stories, and I was definitely creeped out some nights because I'd read it before going to sleep. Don't really read horror novels.

My brain is starting to shut down because it's already 2:55am. Was sure that I had something interesting to write this time around. I'll leave the weekend stuff to Rivero. I will say that seeing Serenity at Piedmont Theater in Oakland was so worth the eight bucks last Friday. I had been forgetting to borrow the dvd from my brother. .... I'm just going to stop writing this....

The digital sketch was done in Photoshop CS. No character in particular. I told Rivero that I wanted to draw 100 super heroes from comics, so that should keep me busy for a while. I'll try to do as many as I can for Graphic Apparatus before this month is over. The first ones will probably be:
  1. Iron Fist
  2. Spider-man
  3. Batman
  4. Jesse Custer
  5. Zatanna
All right...can't concentrate anymore...too late...zzz