Oct 29, 2009

Halloween (A Year Ago)

Before the story: I have no plans for Halloween. I was invited to a few house parties but I wanted to be more social and meet new people. So if anyone knows of anything to do especially with new people or even if you don't know me give me a heads up. Castro is shut down this year(but I'd like to go to San Francisco) and I don't want to go to some ones house(although one of the house parties I was invited to was the place I went to where they had strippers oil wrestling while my friends band played so that isn't the worst place to end up, I wrote a post about it two years ago). But that's with old high school friends and people that knew me when I was in a band so it's weird. I'm friendly and polite...or mean and nasty if thats what you want. I prefer friendly and loud personally.

As for the story: I'm not in this place anymore, so I don't know if I would do this today. But at the time I definitely wouldn't have done anything differently. Not that I will never take a girl home I just met and fuck the shit out of her again. I'm just not as much in a rush to. The end of last year was all about hooking up for me. Now I still like to, but I am not in a bad place and actually want to know a girl a little better before gettin' down (insert swanky music).

I didn't have a great time on Halloween last year. I dressed as Two Face and went out to a few places with Elayne, Taylor, Sabrina, and another girl(I forgot). It was a little fun but I took it easy with the drinking and I think we ended up going to some boring places so I actually took off early and then went to a party where Taylor's brother was at(a local skateboarder guy's house). It was a little too chill for me so I stayed for like an hour and then took off.

But november 1st I promised myself I'd make up for Halloween. I said fuck the make up and decided to just make some random costume. I wore a suit, a tie, an eye patch, and my sword. I figured that pretty much said everything you needed to know. And last night there was no way I could get laid with half my face covered in make up. No one could kiss me. So no make up this night. I was determined to meet some half naked Halloween girl. I then went with Taylor and the girls from last night to some random dudes party in concord. It was super super sketchy with a bunch of meth heads and dangerous looking dudes. Plus we were in like the only neighborhood in this whole area that you'd get shot by gangs(they were all over the place, I passed them several times, maybe it was the sword that kept them off my back).

So we get to this place and guess what? We are the only people in costume. And I am the only person who knows anyone there(the host invited me at college). So I figure, I might as well be the life of the party and I just pretended that I was super cool and talked to everyone and tried to make everyone comfortable. The only really nice non dangerous person there was a girl. She brought a costume but wasn't wearing it because no one else was. We got her to put it on. It was the chick from Nightmare Before Christmas.

She was friendly so I started talking to her half blind from the eye patch. I offered her the booze we brought because no one wanted it(remember they were all on some sordid shit). We started drinking together. Somewhere along the way we noticed we're through half a bottle of whiskey(and it was big). She showed me a naked picture of her(and her friends for extra points). So I figured fuck it, go in. I moved in close and started trying to crack her up and just get in there right next to her. I conned her into looking at some picture on my phone and made her lean in and then I fucking went for it. About half an hour into making out in the backyard at three in the morning I realized I can't walk and can barely see. I finally figure out I need to take off the eye patch because I have no equilibrium.

The girls I came with took off after seeing my display of affection all over the back patio. So now I was at some strangers house with some girl I didn't know. Luckily Taylor could drive so I brought Nightmare Before Christmas home with me and at some point Taylor, me, and the girl were all on the couch watching Hanzo The Razor(a weird blacksploitation type samurai movie with massive amounts of weird sex and of course chopping of limbs and fountains of blood, it is a samurai movie after all).

After a while I smiled, grabbed the girls hand and said it was time to go to bed. I led her to my room and left Taylor with the fucked up japanese movie. I closed my bedroom door and just started stripping. She didn't hesitate and did the same. I made out a little more with her and then took the rest off and went down and after a while we got into it. Forty minutes later it was over(I think I have more endurance now than I did when I was younger, I guess I learned something from all that porn) and afterwards we went outside while she smoked. I showed her a rock garden about ten feet long in between some trees in my dark ass front yard and told her it was a creek(I guess I was still drunk, it looked like a creek but I live there so I know it's not).

For some reason I thought this was a great time to start fucking with her. Then I pointed at the main road(it was the main road that went through my town, Alamo). I told her about all the women who went missing and that they never found the killer. She got all freaked out and then I told her it could be anyone really. The only thing they know for sure were that all the women were hacked to pieces by a sword. She looked at me all fucked up and I totally started laughing. Probably shouldn't say fucked up shit like that to girls you just met.

I remember another time with that same girl a few months later. She was really stoned(funny story, she was smoking some stuff one of my sisters friends dropped and I "confiscated" what a great parent, huh, look at the stories I can tell now that I'm not legally a parent anymore) and we were in my bed and I don't know why but I remembered the serial killer story and got on top of her and started joking about it. I thought it was a great idea to follow up on that joke I made months back. But she was messed up so she totally believed me and thought I was going to kill her. I could see it in her eyes. I said I was joking and tried to make her feel better but nothing worked . She just decided I was a murderer and accepted her inevitable death. Anyway, she's not with us anymore so I guess it doesn't matter.

Only girl I ever met who was a more sexual than me. I need to meet more like that.