Feb 13, 2007

Newest Five Pages

These are pages 5-10 of the comic I am working on. I am actually inking 11-15 right now so these have been doen for a while. I fixed the finger on page 6&7 to fit continuity but it's not on this scan.


Feb 9, 2007

Ugh...didn't want to post this

but it's all I had... There was more structure to that hair when it was penciled. Well maybe not that much more. Nothing else to say...

Feb 8, 2007

Hourman & Starman finished

Here is the finished version. I'm pretty happy with it, except for the fact it has no background which I hate(having been a long time fan of comics, there came a time where a bunch of losers stopped drawing backgrounds, so I feel really bad anytime I don't). It was fun trying to capture what is cool about older characters who are no longer used very much.


Feb 7, 2007

Native American Studies

I've been working on a layout that Ben Ferrari sent to me. It's still in the rough stage, and I'm waiting to get some feedback on what I emailed today. I'm pretty slow when it comes to breaking down pages, so it's nice to have someone else's compostion to work from. I'm also going to work on some sketches of his characters tonight to get a better feel for them.
Update: roughs for the comic page are HERE.

Feb 6, 2007

Starman & Hourman rough

I'm kind of pissed because I really meant to post the finished version of this but I ran out of time. I have to film a segment for my film commercial to qualify in the On The Lot contest and pick up my paycheck(for work). So I have to leave before I finish. Then when I get home I have to finish pencils on like five pages. Plus do some more editing. Gahh! I'll post the finished version on Thursday or something.


Feb 5, 2007

New Front Page

I hadn't changed the front image on my website for a long time, so I drew this in marker in my sketchbook and scanned it in. There was a little bit of burning and contrast edits in Photoshop, and I'm not sure I should have put any text in it, but there it is. Not sure if there's enough in the figure.

*note: Adrian pointed out that the lettering I had put on the bottom of the text didn't look so good. I'm so glad he did because it wasn't feeling right when I saved the image. So here's the image again...

Feb 4, 2007

Bats Again

I usually draw everything on scrap paper before lightboxing onto good paper now a days. This is a Batman page I did for practice to see if I drew him any better than I had previously. Unfortunatley I did not. I still visualize him ten times cooler in my head then I seem to actually finish it. I have a better track record drawing other things. But I'll try again someday. This is very unfinished. I do like the guy at the bottom of the page, though. But he ain't Batman.

Feb 1, 2007

Quick sketch before work

update 20:21

So here are a couple of more M.O.D.O.K. sketches. The b&w one just didn't look right to me even though I really think that he drinks coffee from Starbucks. This one was just too labored and his chair/life support system just looked dumb. The third one was a quicker sketch that came out better than the first two.