Jan 18, 2008

Still A Mess

Found this while throwing away a bunch of useless stuff in my closet. I borrowed a book on Sargent from the library a while ago and felt the need to copy a painting. This is gouache on watercolor paper, but I don't remember what John Singer Sargent used in the original.

I'm sure I uploaded this somewhere before...maybe it was on my first blog where I lost a bunch of stuff in an upgrade.

I need to start doing this again just as a routine exercise to try out new approaches to painting. I don't think I even own a Sargent book. Do any of the Bay Area museums have a decent collection of his stuff?


Jan 1, 2008

2 0 0 8 !

Wanted our first post for the New Year to be a little more polished and exciting than this, but here it is anyway.

Drew this at Rivero's Starbuck's the other night. Looked across the street, started drawing the car lot, got bored, and then added monsters.

Actually tried to do a more finished version than this in Photoshop, but it was horrible, so Ctrl-W took care of that.

Wonton's the first one to post comments for this blog for the new year, so Adrian will have to figure out an appropriate prize.

I'm going to read the latest issue of Acme Novelty Library now.