Oct 24, 2006

Finished Commissions

Here, as promised, is the finished version of two of my commissions. as you can see some of my line weight has changed dramtically as well as my approach to the pieces. People have let a weeping cry when told as to the fate of the pieces. I proceeded to immolate them upon completion for no other reason than that I found myself in a peculiar form of melancholy that particular day. Of course, the preceeding was something of a ruse, as the truth is I did no such thing and, in fact, will be sending the pieces to their respective owners forthwith.
Sir Adrian


Anonymous said...

Sir Adrian, you're control of the dry brush had the Queen and the Royal Family praising your name during afternoon tea today. Prepare thyself for an invitation and for the maidens' bountiful...um, interest in your works.
Lord Romero

Keon said...

why does superman have such a decrepit neck situation going on here. I don't see any visible bite marks. Did the vampire babes suck his super blood out through his main vein?