Feb 5, 2007

New Front Page

I hadn't changed the front image on my website for a long time, so I drew this in marker in my sketchbook and scanned it in. There was a little bit of burning and contrast edits in Photoshop, and I'm not sure I should have put any text in it, but there it is. Not sure if there's enough in the figure.

*note: Adrian pointed out that the lettering I had put on the bottom of the text didn't look so good. I'm so glad he did because it wasn't feeling right when I saved the image. So here's the image again...


Adrian Rivero said...

I'm such a dick.


Chris Mendoza said...

Not in this case. Like I said, you pointed out a mistake, and I agreed with you. That's why I got rid of the bad lettering.
There was that one time though...you said you'd pay for the beers and you didn't! That time you were a dick.