Apr 16, 2007

Empire Strikes Back

So I made these sketches while watching The Empire Strikes Back on cable. As well as being the best directed and written movie in the series it has the best cinematography and lighting. Unlike everything they teach you to do the lighting is striking and doesn't hold your hand the whole way through(unlike the lighting in Episode 1 and 2). Some images taken by themselves would be indecipherable, but with the movement of film and familiarity of the characters and sets it all comes across. The light saber battle in that film is just gorgeous. And the scene where Luke leaves Dagoba and they don't show the X-wing lift into space they just show Yoda in the lights and smoke given off as he speaks to Obi Wan is just amazing. Anyway, I loosely penciled these(except for the close up on the helmet), and just tried to copy the extreme lighting of the scenes I was drawing. I should tighten these up and color them.

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