Jul 21, 2007

Mini-comic on the way

I'm on page seven of eight for my first mini-comic that I'll bring to San Diego Comic-Con this Wed-Sunday. I'm pretty excited just because I've talked about making comics since high school and I've never actually sat down to do enough work to self-publish something. I like the freedom of doing my own stuff without worrying about an editor or collaborator telling me how much my inking sucks or how crappy my anatomy is. Word balloons not perfect? Who cares? Style inconsistent? Not a problem. When this is done, I can say that it's what I can do in the medium at the moment; people can take it as it is. This isn't saying that your comments or critiques aren't wanted, but I'm not trying to get a job with a major publisher with this work, necessarily.

Eight pages aren't a lot, but it means a lot to me because so many sketches and thumbnails have gone nowhere for me over the years. Well, that's it except for a short explanation for the above one-page short. It's a redo of something I did back in 1996 or 1997 where a bratty kid learns a hard lesson at the hands of Captain America. Above, the "hero" has been changed to someone more generic because I don't want to piss off anyone at Marvel. It's a simple tale that you can tell your kids when there getting out of line.

Back to finishing this page and moving on to page eight. Pow!


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