Jun 3, 2008

Time to start posting again, Rivero.

I remember wanting to give up on this blog a few months ago...or was it late last year? Not important, but this team blog needs Detective Rivero to report back to duty. I feel an ulcer growing in my stomach just thinking about what he's been doing with the gun and badge that we forgot to confiscate the last time he was at his desk.

Is it just me or are we all imagining him hunched over a bar stool in a smokey dive bar where all the livers of its patrons can't be combined to make even one good one? Maybe he's carving one out of the first trouble-maker who makes the mistake of touching his leather jacket. He'd be doing it straight-faced for sure, like he was going through a stack of junk mail full of local coupons and catalogs for home accessories.

Well, I guess it serves me right for leaving him to do all the work here for days/weeks at a time.

The above is another pass at another portrait. Trying to do something a little bit more controlled with the skin tones and application of the paint.

How can it be June already?

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