Sep 11, 2007

Vacation Sketches 1 - Batman 1 - Oil Wrestling

I drew this on vacation. I was in Miami just chilling. Drawing, reading, and hanging out with my family. It was really nice. I became obsessed with trying to draw a really scary Batman(which if you've read any old posts you know I am obsessed with trying to draw him scary enough). I think this is the closest now. I've drawn better but not this scary. I penciled it, inked it, and then tried to correct little tiny things with white paint but the white paint kept mixing with the black ink to kind of a cool effect.

I ended up going to a party because an old friend of mine told me some friends from high school invited him. There ended up being basically every band in my area with every hot goth chick(yes, my favorite, so I was happy) in a ten mile radius at the party. But that wasn't what sold me. It was the oil wrestling. I guess the person who threw the party(the friend from high school) hired some girls to oil wrestle. Apparently there wasn't enough so they asked for volunteers which meant goth chicks covered with oil in only their underwear. Again, very happy was I. It was so good I even hit on the lesbian one. She was butch(not looking, just the way she carried herself) but she was like twenty(my magic number with women) and she had a hot girlfriend that she led around. Really, you don't see a lot of hot goths in their underwear covered in oil(unless they are your girlfriend, and yes, I have). The world needs more of that. Whats with half of the goth girls now bleaching their hair. It's hot, but it almost guarantees high maintenance. I ditched early, because leaving early is my new thing, went to Ruby Room in Oakland and was reminded about how much the Bay Area sucks.

I think I have gotten nothing done since finishing those Batman samples. I have a bunch of half finished things laying around. I need to ramp up my output.


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