Nov 26, 2006

Last Commission

This is my last commission. At least for a few months. I have a comic gig going, plus two proposals for series. The first proposal is nearly done. I'll post some of those soon. I'm probably going to letter them before I post so it might take a while(because of the amount of words and the fact I've never done it before[except for the crappy example down below, which isn't how I'd really do it]). I have another proposal that is only layed out in pencils, but Chris lettered it very nicely. Hell, that's the only thing done at this point on that proposal. He did more work on it than I have. I'll have to catch up.
This mermaid is Lori Lemaris. Superman's girlfriend from the old days(I mean like fifty years ago). Second mermaid I've drawn. I'm probably going to fix a thing or two before I send it out. I usually end up changing it between the scan and sending it out. Just a little, but enough to make it better.

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