Nov 13, 2006

Sketchbook Stuff; The Big Two

Busy working on many pages. Not enough time to pencil/ink/clean up/scan/cut/paste. So here is some sketchbooks stuff. The dates are on the pics. First one is painted with acrylic inks.
Working on finishing 10 pages of The War Machine for some proposals. After that I have an 8 page story Chris was helping me on for Tooth And Nail. I'm really happy with my War Machine pages so hopefully Tooth And Nail turns out well also. Apparently my script is way weaker than what was going on in my head(that means it turned out better after it was drawn that before).
I'll also be starting a very perverted Alien screenplay tomorrow. I'm really excited because I think I found a new thing to disturb me.

I also came home to watch The Wire tonight. Blew me away. Best show on tv.

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