Dec 6, 2006

The Wire Sketches 1

My favorite drama, even more than Sopranos and at least tying if not beating Lost is the Wire. It is perfect. The most ornate plot and character heavy show ever. Written by a former police officer, a reporter, and several novel writers(one is the guy who wrote Mystic River). It has a huge cast. Most of them are black and totally underutilized in Hollywood, but they can hold ground with anyone. My favorite characters is the failed detective McNulty, Omar the gay gangster who steals from other gangsters in a Robin Hood like fashion, Stringer Bell the gang leader who wants to go straight, Bubbles the really cool and nice homeless guy who can't kick drugs, and Prezbuluski(sp?) the failed cop who becomes an inner city school teacher. This first batch of sketches are the ones that worked. I would have put more but the second batch so far is kind of weird third string characters. I did sketches of Marlo, McNulty, and D'Angelo but they sucked so bad I need to redo them. Strangely enough my version of Proposition Joe may be the best one I've done so far(because he is one of the smallest characters[but not in girth]).

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