Dec 10, 2006

Silver Spaceman

Here is a cover I did on Friday night for my friend Paul's movie. I also had to do two more pages(Chris did pencils on the first page, and his are so much softer and delicate than my caveman scratch. The inking was fun to do on someone elses pencil's). I finished it all within 24 hours. Then I had to color them. It was a marathon. Anyway, not my best work but pretty good for the time I had to spend on it. The coloring is shit, there's no way around it, but I had only 20 minutes so thats what you get. Paul gave it the title and writing stuff.
I'll post the pages that Chris helped me pencil on the next post. They were also colored and lettered.

1 comment:

Chris Mendoza said...

Man, that's a fine looking comic. I've got my $1.50 and will gladly give it up to see the whole issue. I can only imagine what happens on page 40 if a certain someone gets their head punched off on page 2. Thok!