Jan 9, 2007

The Scourge Of Crime

This was once supposed to be my magnum opus into alternative Marvel comics. It was called The Scourge Of Crime. It was about a bunch of disparate people who were linked by death. All in the superhero universe of Marvel. It started with the character called Scourge killing yet more villians. Then it chonicled the sad life of a hobbit looking fellow named Lance Modok. The first page here shows him waking up in a dingy apartment, getting divorce papers, and prepariing for work at Big Lots. The second page shows his teenage manager, his archenemy another guy named Lance who gets all the new girls. It says in the last panel "At lunch he takes the new girl to the parking lot to ball. His windows are tinted but who does he think he's fooling." Later parts include the return of Basilisk as his brother takes on the mantle to hunt down Scourge(who killed the original Basilisk, and Basilisk in turn killed Modok, who didn't really die and is walking around as an amnesiac who only knows they call him Modok. But he likes to call himself Lance).

I made this up when Marvel had a line called Epic which was for newbies like me. This was in the summer of '03. They dumped it before I could make a proposal. Oh well. I wanted to do a Dan Clowes take on Marvel. These were the rough layouts for the pages. I found them in an old sketchbookm and started laughing. I thought it was an actual book and then I opened it to find these which I had completely forgot about.

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