Mar 19, 2008

A Few Scans

Here's stuff from the comic story we worked on together. Rivero really came through on the inks and washes. I remember thinking that I was going to be really slow illustrating a 1920s baseball story all by myself and was surprised that Rivero agreed to work on it with me without any hesitation. There are three other pages, but you'll just have to see them in the comic that will be published this Spring along with two other stories. More news on that to come.

I wanted to write something in response to Rivero spilling his guts here on the blog, but now I can't remember the gist of what I was so anxious to reveal. It was clear to me during the Mallory/Alba (places here in the Bay Area) Maneuver from last Friday and Saturday. That was then, and now it's approaching 3am Wednesday morning, my mind foggy from work and from another phone meeting with Adrian. Sounds like we're really conducting some serious business that way. Nothing else for now...


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