Mar 14, 2008

Ms. M.

My humble attempt at coloring Rivero's female MODOK. I sent this to him last night five minutes after he sent me an email, but he didn't respond. I guess he hates it and doesn't want to hurt my feelings. It's okay, Rivero. I can take critiques better now than I could at art school. You're probably just going to sucker-punch me in the stomach when we meet up next.

If this MODOK showed up at my door asking for a portrait, I'd do it. The portrait, I mean. The face reminds me of the Witch of the Waste from Howl's Moving Castle just because it's blobby. She needs to sweat more though. Realizing what that propulsion unit would do to my carpet/flooring, I'd only let her in the garage or backyard.

Regarding the quote from the last post... It was a joke, so don't think anyone here is delusional enough to believe he will get anywhere near Kirby.


Update: 2:01pm.

Very few changes, but here it is.

I'd better get something done for this March MODOK Madness over at the Drawing Board!

Here's a link to the blog--March MODOK Madness.


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