Apr 7, 2008

People Doing Stuff

It was bothering me that most of my drawings didn''t have people interacting, just standing around.

The third panel is supposed to take place near train tracks. That's not nice.

I actually like the idea of a dad being dumb enough to give a kid boots with spurs on them, and then giving him horsey rides around the house. Poor dad's going to bleed.

I don't think the lesbian in the last panel is cute, but the guy has been waiting for it all night, so just let him.


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Adrian Rivero said...

Is that one panel about that lesbian I wanted really bad at the bar the other night? She was with that guy though(how that makes her a lesbian I am still trying to figure out).

Her friends liked me because they were singing Grease songs and I was the only one there who looked like John Travolta(unfortunately). Lesbian apparently didn't like Grease. Isn't that just always the way.