Apr 20, 2008

'Sorry to break up this party.'

This is a loose quote from a manager at a chocolate cafe that Rivero and I were patronizing. Rivero wanted to visit his friend, so they talked, and I ordered the chocolate au lait after the young guy behind the counter assumed I was a moron who couldn't figure out the meaning of some names on the menu. I had only asked a couple of questions just to make friendly conversation, but he mistook my kindness for illiteracy. Then three of us talked about Adrian's behavior, drinks they had the day before, etc. More chit chat, and no other customers were coming in when this guy comes out from the back room and rudely interupts the conversation with his red face. Now, I fully understand that most bosses don't want their employees to enjoy themselves especially when it comes to food service, but this was a bit much. He barked his orders and told them to dust the cafe, even getting up on a chair to wipe the top of a picture frame to prove his point. The guy will probably continue his stressful ways and drop dead at the age of 41 if we're lucky.

So now on to more important things. After that lovely experience, Rivero and I go to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall which ends up being a great movie. Mila Kunis is in it along with Kristen Bell and Jason Segel. I've been calling him "the drummer guy from Freaks and Geeks," but no longer. They're all great in it, and it's nice to know that we're not 100% bitter when it comes to relationships and life that we can't enjoy a comedy like this. Hell, the 85-year-olds down the row from us probably liked it, too, except for the parts where Seagle gave the audience a view of his dong [on two occasions].

Below are a couple of early stages of the digital drawing. Check my other blog in the next day or two for the finished piece.

See? No boring bloggers here, Lauren. -cm

note: This is an exercise based on a photo from complex.com.
Photograph by Brian Bowen Smith.


Lauren said...

haha, yeah, sorry about my boss being a butthead. he's 38, so i guess according to you, he's got three years left! and the other guy, i guess he was just in a bad mood. so sorry about that!! at least i was nice-ish, right? and thanks for not whining like a little beezy like adrian usually does!! if you guys ever want to venture back, i suggest wednesday nights after 5. that's when the cool people (aka me and leila) are there. =)

Chris Mendoza said...

No problem. You were nice enough to ask your mom about Indian food which we never got, and you made us laugh with your list of 25 for Rivero. AND now, most importantly, you're one of the few who actually comments on this blog! You'll get a gold star sticker when we come by next time...on a Wednesday after five.