May 25, 2008

Gareth Says

Yes, it is late, but I just had to draw Gareth Keenan's face while watching the first episode of The Office again on Netflix.

Rivero's taking a few days off from all his usual posts here, so your stuck with me. He went to Lauren's graduation party today (congrats, Lauren! Sorry I couldn't make it), and was about to enjoy a 14" chorizo the last time I spoke with him on the phone. C'mon people. Keep it clean.

note: According to IMDB, Mackenzie Cook did a movie called Sex Lives of the Potato Men.

I need to wake up early and continue working on the painting below. I also need to rework that t-shirt design or just start a new one.



Adrian said...
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Adrian said...

I wouldn't say I'm taking time off. I'd say that my last post covered everything I've been thinking of for almost a year now.

Nothing else to say about it. Except I'm serious about never talking to anyone but you and my sister again if shit doesn't shape up around here(Northern California, fuck, the world, maybe).