Jan 31, 2014


Life moves really quickly here.  I think that's obvious by my posts this last year.  A lot of progression and a lot of things happen.  I think I mention less than half of them.  So there I was complaining last post and like a day or two later I was having a blast.  If anything I am actually taking things a little slow.  But slow is still pretty fast over here.

Rap Video

My friend asked me if I could help him film on Friday.  I said yes.  So I went, sort of kneeing it was going to be a little loose, because some shoots are last minute and sort of improv, I figured I'd just go with the flow.  It turned out to be a rap video.  

We arrived at the building at around 7 at night, which is pretty late.  But it was starting late so we were good.  They let us into an underground garage of a very expensive luxury apartment.  It's funny because my friend was dressed in coveralls and we were escorted by security into this really beautiful place so this all seemed like some inside heist in a movie(except they were helping us because we had permission to shoot in closed areas).

We were let into a sort of club/bar within the building.  I was immediately like a kid in a candy store.  I was just the assistant, but since my friend was doing all the camera work and the whole thing was very improv, with my friend as the main visualist, I would suggest shots to him when he had a second.  He ended up using a bunch of them.  I even pointed to the upstairs window and asked the security to take me there and we ended up using all those shots. The director liked my suggestions, and my buddy was happy because setting up shots takes forever, so me throwing set ups to him let him take his mind off of it(he was kind of directing, like I said this was pretty loose).

I got to hang out with everyone including the rapper.  It was very fun and everyone was great to work with.  The model showed up and it was the first time I have worked with a non acting model, so it's a little different.  More about placement and how the camera makes her look.  Since I wasn't directing I only told her what to do once.  But the some great shots of her were based on shots I made up(the others made up shots too, I was just most proud of the ones I made up because they were more epic, although my buddy got a lot of good close ups he made up).  I only stopped her once because a shadow was running up her legs all the way to her face.  And it looked great.  So I told my friend and then told the model to place her leg a certain way because the shadow on it looks perfect(because her legs were great, it's literally the job).

Half the time I didn't even have to do anything and actually wrote part of this post.  I remember my friend looked at me like he was asking if I was bored, and I looked back at him like, we're making art, and there's a beautiful woman here, what the hell can I complain about.  This is all I ever want.  It ended at 11 and we were out by 1130.  We even went to my new apartment, got a beer a block away at a great place, watched a bit of Jeff Who lives At Home(I really like that movie) and I drove him home and we unloaded all that equipment.  A productive night.


I stayed home on Saturday and did some work.  Mainly adding a polish and consistency to the whole issue before I rescan it.  I also sketched a lot because I feel I suck at it so I have to practice by just making a lot and trying out designs.  It's also to establish the consistent style I use in my comic.  Practice is what it all is.  With a little bit of random work thrown in.


On Sunday I went to school and worked on characters to do a monologue of. My teacher assigned one to half of us(both years consists of two classes per week, but second year, we still have to go every class, but we only perform every other class because it's harder).  I got a funny one where I get to act serious and sort of loud.  Besides that I worked on layouts for my fantasy story which was really productive and fun and I did between stuff at school.  

My friend was visiting, but since my phone was broken I sort of found out last minute.  I somehow didn't get enough sleep on Saturday even though I was home all day, but my friend was in town so I went out anyway.  And he was at my other best friends house, so I went straight from school to his house.  

We hung out there with his family and talked about geeky things and movies and my undying love for the actor Maribel Verdu(from the movies Pans Labyrinth[hot], Y Tu Mama Tambien[holy crap], Golden Balls from Spain[Holy Fucking Shit, no seriously, Holy Fucking Shit]).  Didn't realize it, but I guess she had a long term effect in me from when I saw Y Tu Mama in the theatre.

Then we went to my place so I could show them how nice it is.  Then we walked down the street to a bar where I got a gigantic Magic Hat # 9 beer(an acting buddy shows me this gift from low budget heaven).  

My friend was texting about a job, when he received a text.  We were talking(the three of us) so I didn't take notice.  But he mentioned that someone was going to be at the bar and not to pitch anything.  And I looked at him like what the fuck are you talking about, but okay, whatever. I guess I'll find out.  It turned out our old buddy from up north was in town visiting his two friends.  Except one of them was a famous actor.  The other turned out to be recognizable and a lead in a movie he showed me.  We all had a bunch to drink.  Actually I mainly had a lot because I wasn't driving and my house was down the street half a mile.  Somehow I didn't make a fool of myself and we all got along great.  The famous dude drove us to my house and we talked for an hour while we smoked(I'm not turning down his famous joint).  I was the only one of us he never met, but we were on the same wavelength so I think well hang out again someday.  I'm good with celebrities because I beg them for nothing.  And everyone begs them for everything.  Everyone.  I ask nothing.  Just, if we had a memorable time, which is my only job here, then you'll remember it and we'll be friends.  I guess, I let fate decide that stuff on some level.  Even though I believe I'm the only person responsible for these things, really.


On Tuesday I went to my acting group and we set up projects for the future.  I was really thankful at how much they like my writing and ideas.  I had net gone for the last two months so I'm excited to be back.

Missed Connections

Then on Wednesday I went to get some coffee close to my apartment.  I walked in and someone said my name.  It was a cute actress I know.  And after that last post I was thinking I need to get out more and if not meet some more women, at least get to know the non platonic ones I already know.  I said hi and she told me I just missed the girl I crushed on last year.  This totally confused me, I looked around(the girl is easy to see from far away in a really good way), but she was nowhere to be seen.  The comedian and actor Kevin Hart was standing four feet away(all five feet of him) waiting for his coffee like I was, but no crush in sight.  

I sort of thought it was for the best though.  We're both strong headed creative types and she's sort of famous(not that that's a real barrier actually) So we didn't quite match up.  But she sort of knew what I could do so I felt she knew me a little better than most girls do.  

I left with my sad little coffee.  But I will admit I sent the girl a text despite all that and we talked a little anyway.  So there you go I got weak.

Things To Do

I have to rescan everything, edit in Photoshop, then computer let in Illustrator(does what Photoshop does not), connect two buddies on project, lock down my script on a fantasy comic and finish the detailed layouts(which I'll post next time), work in a few pitches and maybe a temporary script for my acting group, and rehearse and buy a costume for my monologue for school.

I'm basically sleeping a biphasic sleep schedule except on my school days where I just stay up late, like today.

next time,

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