Sep 26, 2006

At the Con-Final?

Here's the next version, inked on vellum, and then digitally colored in Photoshop.
Adrian, if you have something to post today, go for it. I just wanted to put this up before I chickened out.
*click for larger image


Adrian Rivero said...

I was laughing for like five minutes. I'm seriously gonna pull out my turtle necks and vests(thats a gimme) and wear them when you least expect it. Just because I love this rendition of me so much. I somehow feel like the color has finally made me into a real comic character for the first time. I'm telling you I'm gonna go to sleep smiling after seeing this.

Chris Mendoza said...

Vest + turtleneck = Success. I'm tempted to spell it $ucce$$, but that's just lame. Thanks for the compliment. Like I said, the cafe, with the eating and drinking caffeine, only starts the process. I wish I could get as much done over there as you do. It's just tough with people watching. Maybe I can't be the caricature artist at Marine World afterall.