Sep 28, 2006

Hellblazer Painting Part 2

Here is the finished version. I posted the 98% done one but then I edited the post so now here we are.
I totally regret that this scan doesn't at all show how three dimensional it looks in reality. Because I painted the smoke on top of paint(as opposed to everywhere else where you can see the paper through the paint) the smoke and skulls look raised off the page. But on the scan that isn't happening at all. I guess I'll learn how to make that come across as I become a better artist. Maybe if I drew wearing turtlenecks I'd already be able to pull this stuff off.

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Chris Mendoza said...

It's so easy to click something and lose a comment that one is about to post. Argh.
Well, I'll commission you to draw SBS with a turtleneck as soon as I have more money. For now, we can just admire the extra grit and wrinkles you added to this. The white skulls do look more ominous in person, but people can see it once we put up a show. I said it. We'll have to do a show with music and beer sometime in the next few months. Maybe a Xmas/New Year's gala.