Sep 8, 2006

Tooth And Nail 666

This is my favorite sketch I did for my own comic Tooth And

Nail. It involoves Samurai. The rest is secret.
Anyway I felt this sketch was the one that really caught the mood that I'm looking for.
Sometime you need that one picture to set you straight. Well this is it for me.
I drew this sketch on 6/6/06. Yeah.
P.S.:"Why is he so difficult?", I thought Chris was talking about me. I needed to think on it for a bit there.

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Chris Mendoza said...

I was talking about you. If you had really thought about it, you would've realized it.
Glad you put this sketch up. We could do a jam piece where we incorporate this character and bears. I promise I'll get to the lettering for those two pages tomorrow.