Sep 15, 2006

Hellblazer Painting Part 1

So this is the rough sketches for a possible Hellblazer painting I was commissioned to do. The first pic shows the first three really rough sketches. The second pic shows the loose final pencil drawing(darkened a lot). I painted over that after I got approval to start. The roughs were the ideas, but it wasn't working. Plus I had a gut instinct that the client was looking for a more closeup and personal image. All my roughs were either far away or ugly(as roughs can be a lot of the times). My favorite is the worm's eye view where he looks down on us. I think the artist Jock did a similar cover to his comic the Losers(which I'm sure is much cooler). But even though I liked it I felt it was too impersonal. That is why I ended up with the close up. By the way that last rough was extremely underdrawn so the next day as I waited for my landlord to come over and fix the sprinklers I had been up almost 24 hours and was hating life. I decided to draw but was too braindead to come up with anything, so I just drew over an already pitiful drawing. Uninspired over uninspired does not equel inspired.

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