Aug 20, 2007

Adrian told me to be ready

Adrian's in Florida right now, but he said that he was ready to post every other day, challenging me to keep up. I didn't know that the trophy would be handed over so soon [to me]! In related news, Len Mangoba was able to eat five Atomic wings from Wingstop which also warrants a prize of some kind, not to mention a week's supply of stomach medicine.

I was ready to give up on this Moleskin sketchbook, but I'm glad I kept it. I've mentioned on one of these blogs that I've had problems (in the past?) with tearing out pages and not keeping most of my sketchbooks. It probably stemmed from seeing so many awesome sketchbooks at art school and elsewhere, leaving me to feel pretty embarrassed by the scribbles in mine.

Here's a sketch of my parents' backyard--a place where a lot of Nerf football and violent games of basketball went down. I even threw a full-size, regulation football through that kitchen window when I was in 6th or 7th grade, certain that my dad would be pissed. He didn't even sweat it. He was probably just glad that his chubby son was out getting some exercise.

note: Spoke with Adrian on the phone and he doesn't have internet right now in Miami...

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