Aug 23, 2007

North Beach Art

Basically I was done with the Bay Area. After driving across country I found the women were generally nicer and better looking(only because those in the west coast from the bay area on up don't know how to wear make up or how not to wear make up, I mean I meet vegetarians, vegans, and other health nuts up here but they can't seem to wash their face and hair or brush their teeth, I'm talking bare minimum here, I'm not asking for much. We can get all uppity that I want these things out of women or we can realize that I have to do the same things, I am not asking for push up bras here) and much more plentiful. all the great looking women I know are in long term relationships that give new meaning to codependancy(hey I've been in one of those relationships too, so maybe I shouldn't talk). I started going out almost daily for two eeks trying to find something new, at least a place where the man to woman ratio wasn't 5-1. I couldn't. Most anyplace I went it was the same story, the only attractive women in the place would have an aura of man surrounding them at all times based soley on scarcity.

Mendoza recommended North Beach. I said it wasn't really my scene(not that I really have one) but decided it would be nice to think there was anywhere out here where the women equeled the men. We took Bart(the train if you're not from around here) to San Francisco to basically walk around and sketch. The first two drawings(the black and white ones) were done on the train. Yes, that is Optimus Prime burning there. I think we were talking about the movie which I still haven't seen. The rest were just on the theme of robots. I think I drew the second black and white drawing on the way back, tired and not feeling it. But at least I got a crappy sketch of Bumblebee with sausages and 80's era John Romita Jr. when he was hunk of the month.

North Beach turned out to be pretty nice and yes, it was packed with beautiful women, it was almost like every woman from the rest of the bay left their home to come there. Because I've been to everywhere else and they are basically dead or have that fucked up ratio I mentioned earlier. So my analysis is there is one good place here. As opposed to the rest of the country where beautiful women are evenly distributed. So in the end I still have to kind of say fuck this place. In order of goodness Austin, San Diego, Panama City Florida, Miami, New York, and Gainesville Florida were all good. New Orleans and New Mexico would even bring it. I didn't have enough time in Pheonix, Alabama or Mississipi to really tell but I did see beautiful women occasionally. All of those are better than what I see in a week in the Bay Area. Even when I got off the plane in Charlotte North Carolina I saw more hot women. So fuck all this.

The psuedo painting I did was done at some cafe in North Beach sitting next to a bunch of leather clad police.

Earlier than that we went to an expensive bar in a hotel because Mendoza said there was an original Maxfield Parrish painting there. And there was. It was so amazing to see the real thing sitting there while you're drinking expensive alcohol. I don't know the exact dimensions but it looked like it was 7feet X 15feet. it was called the Pied Piper and it was worth it all just to see it in person.

We did go back to North Beach with some more friends to a really cool bar that Mendoza recommended. The Beach kept its reputation although a friend of mine hit on these cute girls I was interested in and they said they had boyfriends(which could have just been their defence).

I told you my posts would be longer. I'm in Miami right now writing and drawing practice stuff and reading a bunch.


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Chris Mendoza said...

Rivero--there's a suspect from the O'Leary case on Columbus and Broadway; check him out.
Since, you were calling me Mendoza again in this post, the inner detective that I mentioned just came out.
You weren't kidding about letting it all out here on the blog. You covered a lot of ground in this one post, so we'll have to keep taking BART to various Bay Area destinations to draw. That way we'll have stories, and you'll draw things like Bumblebee shopping at Payless Shoesource.