Aug 25, 2007


Mendoza thinks I'm gonna chicken out on posting today just because I didn't pay my electricity while on vacation(I just got back a few hours ago). But Starbucks has internet(for a price) and what he doesn't know is I have no shame and will go there several times a day just to flirt or be around hot bariistas(truly, no shame). So here I am again. My only wrinkle was today when I went outside to talk to some old friends and came back to find Mendoza sitting next to one of the rapists(What I call these stealers of my potential girlfriends. Some prefer to call the rapists boyfriends but I just can't imagine a world where woman would choose to sleep with these guys.).

Methinks that in Mendoza's quest to outpost me he joined the rapists side in order to weaken and taunt me.

These are random sketches from my sketchbook. Soon I'll be posting out of my vacation sketchbook which has a shitload therewithin(newly coined word by Adrian). first is a small sketch I did of John Constantine because I like to draw him. Then a dog with a choice boner that has it's hands up to "raise his roof" in homage of Mendoza's own thematic pose. Then an uninked preliminary character sketch from a future comic of mine called Tooth And Nail because I had a scan of it lying around.

Death to the rapists.

I hope this is the first post you've ever read on Graphic Apparatus dear reader.


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