Aug 31, 2007

Blade Runner

Barely made it home in time. Dropped off my sister in Sacramento and rushed back to post. It is a sickness, this posting. I had a better picture but no time to write the elaborate story behind it so here is a fast one. Bladerunner is my favorite movie ever. I've been obsessed with it since seeing it the second time in the eighties. I originally saw it in the theatre but it kind of blew my mind through the back of my skull and into the theatre wall. It took another viewing to absorb it and accept it as something other than reality. A work of art made by man. It is still the best looking movie ever. Every set, frame, lighting, everything. I could definitely die after making a movie that good. There would be nothing left to do.

I drew this in my sketchbook on the 25th anniversery of the movieon June 25th. It's in pencil. This is one of my all time favorite screen shots. After Deckard gets beaten up by Leon he comes back home with Rachel(so hot in this) and he gets some whisky. As he drinks it he backwashes a tiny bit of blood into it. It is so small you think you wouldn't see it but the lighting is so perfect and Ridley Scott is so fucking great that that little detail is amazingly clear. I drew a small trickle of blood going into the alcohol. The best!


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