Aug 17, 2007

Sketchbook cover

Just got back from Superbad. Shit. It was so goddamn good. Almost ruins comedy for me. Don't know what to do with my legs because I want to walk because I liked it so much. Shit. I have written hundreds of pages of comedy and now I feel like a failure because of that movie. But it's so good it's worth it.

This is the cover to my sketchbook. I thought if I'm such a goddamn artist I should at least put a drawing on the cover of my sketchbook. I gessoed the cover and then put gausche on it. Leaving for New Yrok in like two hours. Don't know if anyone is meeting me there or not. For real. Quite a trip to take with no real goal in mind. I find myself not caring. I'm either too laid back or I'm miserable and don't know it or desperate(probably the latter since there's girls involved).

I been scanning for the last hour so I'd have material to post on vacation. So the next few days will all be old stuff I never posted. Mostly from my sketchbook. I actually drew a hell of a lot more than that(like four paintings and a few pages of my own comic and a few huge ass illustrations) but you won't be seeing that stuff for a while.

I'm gonna try to treat this site like more of a blog and actually have stories to go along with these drawings for now on.


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