Aug 21, 2007

Down And Out In Miami

I'm in Miami after a cross country flight nighmare. I left San Francisco for New York, couldn't contact my ride and then our plane was directed to sit it out and not land in New York because of weather conditions. After a bunch of drama I said fuck the girls(always a noble intention, JK, or not) and fuck New York. Of course all my intentions would have to wait the 3 hours on the tarmac of Ohare airport as we waited for clearance to go to NYC. And of course I get there too late to actually connect to Miami so I spend a bunch of money to spend the night in Queens. No girls, hungry, and no sleep. I order chinese delivery food at midnight by the light of a big flat screen tv in a shitty ciggarette smelling hotel room. I watch the new show Californication starring David Dukovney which is pretty fucking funny(especially for the donkey punching).

Next day I wake up at 6 for an expensive cab ride to Laguardia and wait another 8 hours for a flight because all flights to Miami are sold through. I end up getting on a tiny aircraft to some big city in North Carolina. I almost decide to stay after sitting next to a girl who looks like a supermodel(who I of course say nothing to). She gets off and tell honey to pick her up. Of course he was too busy or something. I wish I could even feign that sort of disinterest in a girl this good looking. Whatever. I end up in Miami at about 7. So it took me 12 hours to get from NY to Miami. And no one cared. Wow. At least my Dad and Lisa(my step mom) cared. My sister is in Hawai so she's in lala land right now and I don't have to take care of her(at least on an hour to hour basis).

I been relaxing at their house just writing and looking over old notebooks with dozens of stories I never used. I also got a lot of art done. Nothing on Bristol but at least it is stuff in a sketchbook so it's practice and I can post it when I get back. Drew an awesome Batman and some designs for something I want to animate. Also roughs for a cover to my collection of short stories.

These sketches are from my sketchbook. I did them over the summer. The Bijou one was a drawing of the actress after I found a picture of her on the cover of a local(To Gainesville Florida, which I was driving through on my cross country trip earlier in the summer) magazine. I thought she looked really cute. And usually I find her pretty unnatractive. I am aware it looks nothing like her, but I think it may have captured her spirit(again, in the cute picture at least). The Batman one is just something inspired by the cool ink washed Batman art of J.H. Williams one of my all time favorites.

As to all my threats to Mendoza about the post war, I may have lost the battle but I think I can win the war if I bring it all week. Stay posted true believer!


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Chris Mendoza said...

I like it when people call me Mendoza. It feels like I'm a detective leaving the police station for a case that only I can solve.
Like the post (even though it's late), and I like the assumption that you'll win in the end even more.