Sep 3, 2007

Green Arrow

I lost. The post contest is over. I went to Oakland yesterday for the art and soul festival. Afterwards me Taylor, Sara(taylor's girl) and Sabrina went bar hopping at like 6 PM. We got tanked at Radio, the bar I once filmed at for my movie(the link on the side has a clip from that bar). I invited Mendoza. We got more tanked met up with Paul at the Ruby Room. Then a few hours later after we were too fucked up to walk to Taylor's Paul drove us to his and Doug's house where we eventually got kicked out of because we were too loud(actually Paul and I were too loud but he lives there). We then walked over to Taylor and I drove Sabrina home and met up with Mendoza at 24 hour Starbucks where we talked for another hour about my love life(not really much of a love life more like several crushes who have rapists[boyfriends]) and how pathetic as it is it is officially over. Slates clean, time to start over. Or cut off the equipment for lack of usage.. All of a sudden I realized that I forgot to post. And it was like 5 in the morning so I was way too late. Mendoza got a hearty laugh out of it and I sulked my way home and wished him good luck going over his ghost bridge to Vallejo. Mendoza won the post contest.

I think Green Arrow is cool. He is a crazy billionaire liberal. Basically Richard Branson as a crime fighter. I sat around today and felt like sketching so I drew Green Arrow. The sketch was only okay so I slapped some paint on it. It's called polishing a turd. It kind of worked here but I still didn't take it too far becuase it was just a page in my nearly 400 page sketchbook. Maybe that's laziness. Whatever. I didn't plan on commiting to a fucking full painting when I started sketching today. Wow, excuses excuses. It was done in pencil then painted over with acrylic ink, then back over with white acrylic, then inked with india ink and acrylic ink, then gessoed over in places, then inked with a micron pen. Polishiing a turd.

I also added a half done page of art I was working on because I like the way it looks half inked. The characters are supposed to be in almost complete darkness. So the panels are supposed to be about 90% black.


1 comment:

Chris Mendoza said...

Wow! That's an awesome Green Arrow!

I may have won the contest, but your posts are much more fun to look at. I guess I need to break out the anatomy books again and actually learn something this time around.

I say that you do the same pin-up on some good bristol or illustration board and go all the way.