Sep 23, 2007

Vacation Sketches 3/Drakes Bay

I really like the movie the Fog, the original, and no it isn't very
good except it has some great scenes done in Drakes Bay north of
San Francisco. I went there with my sister one day for no good reason
except we were near the golden gate bridge. She's cool so she just
went along with my weird ocean obsession. It is like this weird
remote bay/park/lost part of the coast with no real houses(except
those seen in the Fog), a crazy lighthouse, and the windiest part of
the west coast. It is like another state altogether. I stared at the
ocean for a really long time looking for whales or even more
ridiculous, great white sharks, which would be a one in a thousand
chance to see(the sharks, not the whales, I was in the wrong time of
year for the whales). Long miles of remote beach. You go there and
you just know that despite new theories to the contrary, Francis Drake
had to have landed there. It is really a sight to see. Later on this
summer I flew over San Francisco and saw that it was so ridiculously
close to the bay. It was like the distance to Oakland. Just the
plane turning made us go over the bay bridge, over SF, then over the
golden gate, and really near Drakes Bay(it's basically the roads and
uneven terrain that make it like two hours to get to). Recommended if
you like nature and are obsessed with history and the ocean, and the
remote parts of california.

There are a lot of historical places that people ignore if they don't
know otherwise. I remember reading accounts of the Mussle Slough
Massacre that took place at the turn of the century in the middle of
California. Shoot outs involving Ambrose Bierce(The author of the
great story "Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge"). All this shit just
happens around us and is forgotten. Whole tribes of indians existen
in the bay area and disappeared before we ever recorded them(as did
the tribes that met Francis Drake, they even sacrificed shit to him
and tortured themselves for him, he declined the compliments, and now
his shipmates are the only recorded history of them from that time).

I was looking at some maps of lakes in california and found all kinds
of weird names that had to have stories behind them(Killer's Cove
among them). That was only because I remember from childhood going to
Clearlake and hearing stories of people dieing in ponds because of the
gases in the springs(and man did I see some weird ass creeks and coves
in Clearlake).

I even found a resource for Bigfoot sightings in all these places I
had been. Really funny half done reports from decades ago of hairy
giant apes running down cliffs and making crazy sounds at
night(seriously, those accounts are like episodes of In Search Of,
another of my favorite shows ever).

I don't know what I'm talking about. It's 4:30, I should be
asleep(what I'm waking up for I don't know, lack of pussy cloud's
men's minds like Obi Wan Kenobi, there you happy, now you have an
example of the problem, I'm kidding). Keep drawing, keep living, keep
loving. Something like that.

I want to dress as a Jack O' Lantern for halloween if not for anything
else then to homage Halloween 3, a shitty movie, but it has the
greatest Jack O' Lantern seen ever. For real, find it on youtube,
it's fucking messed up.

Jack O' Lantern filled with bugs and snakes

And just because I'm in love with the theme.

Silver Shamrock commercial

I drew the sketches while waiting in Chicago for three hours on the tarmac sleep deprived and hallucenigenic(didn't even try to spell tht right). The Batman I drew on vacation in Miami after sleeping a few days from the plane ordeal.


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