Sep 14, 2007

Sorry Spider-man

It's funny that Adrian's been posting Batman and Spider-man drawings because that's all there was for a long time at my house when my brother and I were growing up. I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I liked Spider-man and he liked Batman, and it was an unspoken battle for a few years until I wised up and read Year One, Dark Knight, Action Comics Annual 1, and those Alan Davis Detective issues. Now, we read whatever we think is good without thinking who's publishing it, so I always think it's weird when people still say that they only read one or the other. And what about all the good comics that aren't published by DC and Marvel? Those folks are missing out on a lot.

Here's my first post in a long time and there's so much I want to try with drawing Spider-man and Mary Jane. I'll try to keep at it and post a follow-up.

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