Sep 7, 2007

The Scorpion

The Scorpion is my favorite Spiderman villian. I grew up on Spiderman. I bought Amaziing, Spectacular, and Web Of, and even those reprints that came out in the eighties. Because of that I had a nice overview of the character and not just the current one but the past interpretations. I actually think half of my moral compass comes from Peter Parker(for better or worse, I think for better). I loved all his colorful villians with their own inadequacies. Green Goblin was fucking crazy and wanted to bring Peter with him. Adrian Toomes, the Vulture was old. Doctor Octopus fucking slapped Spiderman after beating him in those old Ditko comics. Mysterio was awesome with all his special effects. The Lizard had his whole tragic story. Sandman was just a plain thug. But I loved Scorpion most of all.

Scorpion was a crazy thug named Mac Gargan who was picked by J. Jonah Jameson to defeat Spiderman. He was given powers and went crazy. For some reason now he wanted to kill Spiderman and Jameson. I always loved how weird he looked for no real reason. His mask didn't cover his eyebrows. He clearly shaved all the hair off his body about twice a week. Showers didn't seem to be in the picture. And he was mad. Like madder than anyone. Hulk level mad. I remember my friend Roland showing me a row of panels where he just got madder and madder just standing still. And the Stan Lee captions just explained how mad he was getting.

I also worked all night last drawing this and revising my Batman pages. Here is a direct link to them.

At least 50% of it has been changed drastically. Now it's back to drawing my own pages. Thank god. Whatever.


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