Sep 29, 2007

Proof Of Life

Sydney Poitier from Deathproof was my onscreen crush for 2007. So hot you wonder where she's been all your life. I mean , I knew her dad(on screen not in real life) for so long you just can't believe you haven't seen his hot daughter(whose name sounds exactly the same). I couldn't watch the new DVD without drawing her. Her detached coolness is just irresistable.

My sister went to her friends sweet sixteen party tonight. I have no idea what to make of that. Except I want to out brat all those girls(I know the girl and she's not a brat).

This Batman shit is getting old. Get over it, dude, you're not gay, so he'll never sleep with you(and I don't think Batman is gay either, although that Robin thing is making me wonder). Stop drawing Batman!

The girls near Rockridge BART are pretty hot. Just saying, better quality than most of the Bay Area. Not North Beach quality, but good. Need to find an excuse to go back to my sweet Austin(where Deathproof was filmed, so it is true, hot girls hang out there).

Drawing some huge ass pages this week. 21X14. Sci Fi stuff with space ships and aliens and armor and warfare. Wrote the story a few years back and am finally drawing it. It's for my own comic. It needs new name. I like one word titles generaly.

Might buy Halo 3 tomorrow. Bought Stranglehold and that kicked a nice amount of ass.

I made a buhnch of commitments for Saturday and I can't remember a single one. I think maybe I was supposed to record some music or go to a signing or something. I told people shit and chances of me coming through are not so good. Oh well.

Oh and Katharine Mcfee is getting married...I hope he keeps her warm for when I get famous and steal her away from that old fucker. If you don't think she is hot I hope you starve to death on an iceberg. She is so hot I would rip the skin from the bottom of my feet and make sandals for her.


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