Nov 8, 2007


Snake Eating It's Own Tail

I had one of those Joe Matt Peepshow moments today when I got an e-mail from a woman I mentioned liking a few times in these posts. We were e-mailing back and forth about stuff and finally she mentioned seeing the picture I painted of her(which I already knew she knew about) and reading the post attached to it where I go into detail about an embarrassing story about hitting on her. She said she was flattered and had no idea. She said she felt famous since people read this thing. I felt famous that someone I only kind of knew read about me liking her on a website. We don't get that many hits but it was a nice feeling never the less. (BTW, the Joe Matt reference is to this one issue where he wrote a similar thing to my story, later became friends with the woman and then she read the previous issue and it all went down the drain in a later issue... if any of that made any sense).

I like another right now(although I am not putting out my flame for you if you are reading this honey). I won't write about her. At least not until it goes all wrong(or the snowball chance in hell it goes right).

Drew this with White paint, Black ink, Colored Pencil on green paper. When I scanned it the color was way more real and brilliant. When I "copied it for the web" it deadened the color for some reason.

The How To Draw Noir book by Shawn Martinbrough is rad. Check it out.

I just woke up at 8pm and I don't feel Smarter Than A Fifth Grader or Jeff Foxworthy. So I'm changing the channel on this shit.

My cat is weaving between my legs and the chair legs like a shark being fed chum from a pier.



Chris Mendoza said...


This drawing and the ones in the email are great.

Your complete honesty regarding past posts and possible trouble down the road is...making our little site here more interesting than I thought possible. It's better than my posts were I say..."I drew this in pencil. I colored it in the computer. I want to bore the fuck out of you with writing this stuff."

I'm going to find that colored paper now...

Chris Mendoza said...

I forgot to check that box where follow-up comments are emailed to me. I want to stay in the loop...*check!

Adrian Rivero said...

We've just begun our post modern theatre here at Graphic Apparatus, young Mendoza. I have more reviews, more slanted looks at my own life cold and alone in frustration as I begin my descent into certain madness, and even recipes. Wait until the failure that is tonight.

Chris Mendoza said...

I should have gone to the party to make sure there was no room for you to fail. I could've gone as your older brother, Chet, pushing you to be a man who eats pork sandwiches and succeeds on important nights like this one.

Adrian Rivero said...

Things went well......

And, of course, I ate a pork sandwich the night before. How the fuck would you know that?

Adrian Rivero said...

Oh and I think a girl tired to make out with me while I was focused on my girl. It was weird and I'll explain it in my next post.