Nov 13, 2007

More Iron Fist

I did this one in pencil a few times and ending up transferring pencils to some bristol even though I wasn't completely happy with the anatomy and the way I was rounding out the form. It was brought into Photoshop and will hopefully be transformed into a fully painted piece. I've run out of time because I have to leave for work soon.

I'll have to post this one and the previous Iron Fist sketch on the Drawing Board just because Rivero asked so politely the other day.

I really have to brush up on anatomy and foreshortening. There are still no backgrounds in this pin-up, and that sucks. Still putting stuff off like I was still in college, and that sucks even more.

I was supposed to make some time for American Gangster this weekend, too, but that didn't happen.


Iron Fist copyright Marvel Comics.

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