Nov 7, 2007

Ready To Pass Out

I can't live normal hours. I'm a fucking wimp. I've been nodding off since 8 fucking PM. What is that? I drew this at work(I'm filling in for a worker at my old job at a country club). I did a bunch of these so I am happy. Just not all there.

This was done in about an hour or less on cardboard paper with ink, white paint, and colored pencil.

I saw There WIll Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson and have a glowing review that will sound super mixed. But I loved it. Here it is as I wrote about it in an e-mail to Mendoza(who by the way insisted I post like five times today just because I have five drawings).

I went to see the premiere of There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson(Boogie Nights). It is an epic like what hasn't been done in several decades. It stars Daniel Day Lewis, and he is sure to at the very least be nominated for an academy award. The only thing is, it is not like a story you see in a movie. It is like an experiance. Basically what it was like to drill for oil in the turn of the century in the desert. Incredibly long and what would be boring to most people. It is more like a historical artifact. I found it fascinating and unpredictable. But slow and long(which to me isn't bad but seriously this movie will and maybe should turn off about 90% or more of an audience). I loved it, it was an achievement in film making and something you are only going to get like once a decade. It was cruel harsh and unforgiving like the subject matter. And I can't recommend it to anyone. IF you like history like so much you want to see what it is exactly like, even the unpleasant monotony of it, then watch this. If you are looking for a story, there is one, but it takes three hours, not two, and not even barely scratches the surface in the first hour.

That was what I wrote to Mendoza. Now you know how impersonal I am in real life and how I do not like human contact and will die alone. I need to sleep and it's only 9:12. I actually got up from bed to post this shit. I feel sick. Idiot. Whatever.


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