Nov 20, 2007

Monster, Monster

Yet another sketch that I have to finish later thanks to work.
I started drawing this yesterday in my car before going into the "office." Actually, I only had the head and one arm done, so I had to work on it today.
Is Rivero doing okay after that one post? It sounded like he was recovering fine, but he might be carrying his flask around the house more often.
My brother also mentioned a new "Cloverfield" trailer online, so I checked it out before lunch today. Looks pretty cool. Monster overload? Just like the zombie thing?? I'd love to see some monster comics, and hopefully Paul Pope is working hard on Batting Boy which I think has monsters pitted against, yes, a boy.
I still need to work on all those characters Rivero asked me to draw... C'mon, Thanksgiving vacation days. Hurry up, and give me time to work on this stuff.


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