Nov 6, 2007

More than one post a day?

This is the first time I've drawn anything in a long time, so there was a decent layer of dust on the Wacom tablet. I'm not going to make any promises for more posts this month, but I'm going to try.

There was a lot of good imagery in I Am Legend which I borrowed from the library. Enjoyed most if not all of the stories, and I was definitely creeped out some nights because I'd read it before going to sleep. Don't really read horror novels.

My brain is starting to shut down because it's already 2:55am. Was sure that I had something interesting to write this time around. I'll leave the weekend stuff to Rivero. I will say that seeing Serenity at Piedmont Theater in Oakland was so worth the eight bucks last Friday. I had been forgetting to borrow the dvd from my brother. .... I'm just going to stop writing this....

The digital sketch was done in Photoshop CS. No character in particular. I told Rivero that I wanted to draw 100 super heroes from comics, so that should keep me busy for a while. I'll try to do as many as I can for Graphic Apparatus before this month is over. The first ones will probably be:
  1. Iron Fist
  2. Spider-man
  3. Batman
  4. Jesse Custer
  5. Zatanna
All right...can't concentrate anymore...too late...zzz


Adrian Rivero said...

2.Moon Knight
4.Rachel Summers Pheonix
10.Kraven- Romita style

Chris Mendoza said...

Just saw this! I'll take requests. I like the ones that you picked, so I'll do all of those.

Thanks for the ideas. I might have ended up doing Puck or Stilt Man.