Nov 16, 2007

Number 160

I looked at the Drawing Board Drawing Jam and worked on the latest thread like Rivero. Looks like we both picked the first picture, but I also want to work on the second pose. Working too slowly for the first pass I decided to put a tone over the whole drawing with graphite just so I could find some kind of focus in the drawing. In the end, I came to the realization that I need to go to some figure drawing classes again just to loosen up. Doing some gestures and just working bigger would feel much better than working in front of this computer screen with a drawing pad on my lap.

Here's a more finished version of the drawing, but I still wanted to do some work digitally to bring out certain parts, especially the background the parts of the face, hands, and feet.

No time right now...have to get ready for work.

I'll try to get Rivero to go to a figure drawing session somewhere here in the Bay Area, but getting him to wake up before noon might prove harder than watching a Michael Bay movie.

The title of this posts refers to this being our blog's 160th post. Looks like November will be our best month so far in terms posting more often.


update: Here's my last attempt at this one before I move on to other drawings tonight. I used some transfer paper to get the figure onto some bristol board with a little tooth, and then I tried to render it as cleanly as I could. It would be nice to get away from this kind of line quality...something with a little more life. Paul Pope is so great at creating these energetic drawings that make me remember why I like ink drawings and ones where the pencil creates something that can't be found in so many [comic] artists today.

Will have to post this one on the Drawing Board before I sleep.

Unfortunately, I have no stories to tell other than I got out of work early, decided to come home and draw, and... I'd better find a way to make a living out of doing this soon... sigh... I need to start working on storytelling and comics again.


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