Oct 30, 2007


I had some tea at some place in Piedmont the other day. Licee. No. Lackee. Leekee. The name of the tea was something like that. It had those scary balls at the bottom that look like rat eyeballs or large fish eggs. Whatever the case it was excellent. I even ended up liking those insect eggs or whatever the fuck those things are.

I drew this picture of some dude sitting like a foot and a half to the side of me. Luckily he left so I didn't have to explain how I stole his soul and put it on paper. Remember this is a tea place. A few miles from Berkeley. They'll think shit like that. Anyway it was done with acrylic ink, ink, and white charcoal pencil on gray tinted paper.

The other night I hit on a beer wench(that's what she called herself, I told her never to let anyone call her a wench). Mendoza was convinced I'd chicken out since she was the cutest there. The singer of a band I was watching cracked his head open. My friend Taylor said he heard Mendoza on a video tape later say, "Come on keep playing, it's just a little blood, thats what we came for". Mendoza is so evil sometimes I think we must bow to him. I drank 151 proof. That was pretty much my halloween in Berkeley.


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Chris Mendoza said...

I was worried that the bad service and watered down vodka tonic were omens warning of the night ahead. I'm glad things got better with Pabst, roller derby girls, beer wench, etc. I don't remember doubting...wait...there was the first approach when you walked to the dance floor and stood next to Seira. That's when doubt set in. Later, the view from the couch of your Captain Morgain necklace and you talking to beer girl was good. Only a few quick glances because I didn't want to jinx it. Half-Lee came out of nowhere and was probably waiting for you to stop talking. Pff.

I remember saying something about that bloody guy and thinking, "I'm saying stuff too close to Taylor's camera. He's going to record my voice."

Guy who hit his head didn't even bite the head off of a bat in honor of Halloween. Great Job!